In the first of his reports from on board Magellan Alpha in the Around Alone's final Leg, Mike Garside tries to find his sea legs

Mike Garside sent this report from Magellan Alpha at 1739 GMT on April 11:

So much for the “comparative tranquility” of the South Atlantic. Leg 4 started just over 24 hours ago and I can safely say it has been the roughest start bar none.

We’re heading north east and wind and water have been piling up from the north east to the point where Alphie is now triple reefed and slamming into viciously steep seas at eight knots. The wind has been a steady 35 knots for most of the last twelve hours and has peaked at just over 40.

For the first time ever I have all four ballast tanks filled to give the boat the weight it needs to punch its way through the waves. It’s working but the hull and rig are taking some dreadful punishment.

And it’s not doing a lot for my chassis either. After five weeks of comfort in Punta del Este I feel distinctly queasy for the first time in this round the world race. Normal service will be resumed when I find my sea legs.