Puma Logic back on track following diversion to Falmouth with sick crew member 10/8/06

Jaguar Logic and Puma Logic – the two Reflex 38 Sailing Logic yachts – continue to eat through the miles on the third day of the Sevenstar Round Britain and Ireland Race which started on Monday.

After the excitement of last night – diverting to Penzance with a sick crewmember – (see previous news story here), everyone seems to be getting their respective heads down and working hard. Puma and Jaguar have been within sight of each other most of the day but now Puma had headed off in a slightly more westerly course, hoping to get more favourable winds towards the next waypoint, Bull Rock on the south-west edge of Ireland.

In their class they are lying 3rd and 4th, with Magnum leading and Mostly Harmless in second place. The race web site has reported another retirement this afternoon, making three in total, all due to mechanical or sail issues. Our HQ has not heard from the yachts this afternoon, so believe the guys to be just getting on with it. We await with anticipation Philippe’s account of last night’s emotional roller coaster.

An update on Sara Stanton’s situation. It is looking likely that she will be staying in hospital for a couple of days. She is comfortable and responding to treatment but specific diagnosis is not available at the moment. Her mother is in contact and Philippe Falle (the skipper) father is with her; he very conveniently happened to be sailing past Fowey when the drama started yesterday evening. He has sailed his yacht CAS to Falmouth and has gone on from there to the hospital. I hope to be able to update you again in the morning, and also to have had a chance to speak to Sara in person.