Russell Coutts, skipper of Team New Zealand, on watching the last race from the chase boat: “It was a fantastic race today. The boat looked even more impressive of the boat than it did on the boat. When you are on the boat you worry about little things but of the boat you see the total concept. It was great to watch. But I think he (Dean Barker)is not bad is he? He got a great start to the race, that made us all very, very happy. And for those of you who want a close match, as far as I was concerned, it was fine the way it was.”

Dean Barker, helmsman of Team New Zealand, on his first America’s Cup race: “It is very hard to find words to explain the feeling. I was incredibly nervous before we started Sort of a Very difficult position going out 4 -0 in front having to race knowing if you lose you look silly. It is a credit to Team New Zealand, the people we had on the boat and in the team, guys of that calibre you feel so relaxed you know things are going to happen when you want it to happen. For my point of view it could not have been better, I am just beyond words.”

Sir Peter Blake, Syndicate Head of Team New Zealand, on the success of his vision: “The credits belong to the guys on the right. (Coutts, Barker and Butterworth) We are Team New Zealand. Many people think team is a little strange word of four letters. But when you get people pulling together it becomes a very powerful force indeed. These guys have epitomized that completely so hats off to them. Thanks guys.”

Patrizio Bertelli, Syndicate Head of the Prada Challenge, on returning to the America’s Cup: “Yes, we will be back.”

Francesco de Angelis, Skipper of Luna Rossa, on sailing more match racing events in the future: “Yes I will do that. This was a great experience for us. With such a short time after the end off the last race I am still unhappy for the things that we could have done better in the future we have more time to think what went well. Let me congratulate Russell and Team New Zealand for the work that they have done. They did a great job on the water and preparing of the water and all the work that they did on developing all the technical work that was done in those four years. It was a well deserved win and we were happy to have had the opportunity to race against them and that will give us a long list to work for in the future.”

Sir Peter Blake, Syndicate Head of Team New Zealand, on the next Challenge: “We have received a challenge from Punta Ala. The next America’s Cup will be New Zealand summer 2002/2003 and we thank Punta Ala very much indeed for the challenge today.”

Russell Coutts, Skipper of Team New Zealand, on handing the wheel over: “It was not hard for me. I know his capabilities, he showed the world today. It was a tough situation to come into. We were 4-0 up and a lot of pressure was on him and he responded in the best possible way. It shows the strength of the team. We have a lot of young guys coming through. We have a long term vision.”

Russell Coutts, Skipper of Team New Zealand, on the future: “We have not thought about a lot of those things. I will still be involved in the sailing. As far as Team New Zealand tonight is the night to celebrate and time to thank Sir Peter Blake and the trustees for all the hard work. What a fantastic scene we had on the waterfront with the presentation of the America’s Cup trophy. I have not felt a much more emotional scene than that. All of it really is contributed to Sir Peter. In the future we have to be careful not to destroy all the work that they (the trustees of Team New Zealand) have done and also trying to follow that act. It is going to be a hard act to follow. Boy, we will have a tough time doing it. I just want to say Sir Peter, ‘fantastic thanks very much’.”

Dean Barker, Helmsman on Team New Zealand, on ever being happier before: (One big smile from ear to ear, not able to speak.)

Sir Peter Blake, Syndicate He