Big winds force cancellation of final day's racing at Garmin Hamble Winter Series 4/12/06

The final day’s racing at the 25th Garmin Hamble Winter Series was cancelled yesterday owing to high winds.

Although winds were recorded reaching 55 knots at 0630, the mean wind speed dropped to 23 knots by 0730 so the race committee postponed for an hour in hope that the downward trend would continue. However, the trend was reversed, and before 1000 the mean went up to over 30 knots, with gusts to 40 so all racing was cancelled.

Overall Results (provisional)
White fleet

Laser SB3, Royal Thames Lucky Lady James Fox.
J/80, Savage Racing Team Liz Savage
Hunter 707, Surfeit Mike Foster
SBR Sportsboats, Ian Atkins

Black fleet

IRC 0, Windsong Stuart Bowen-Davies and Huw Evans
IRC 1, Jump Stewart Hawthorn
IRC 2, Quokka Peter Rutter
IRC 3, Glide-X Ian Dawson
IRC 4, Tangent Minus 1 Paul and Julia Aisher
J/105, J-Dream David and Kirsty Apthorp
J/109, Zelda Ben Richards and Michael Ewart-Smith
Sigma 33, Cerefe Richard and Valerie Griffith
Sigma 38, Festina Lente Meakins Family