Lack of wind has forced the postponement of the International 14 Prince of Wales Cup

The wind failed to arrive in North Berwick today (Tuesday), with the result that the Prince of Wales Cup race will, weather permitting, now take place tomorrow.

The PRO initially postponed the start for two hours, and then a further hour, but the hoped for sea breeze refused to perform. The Prince of Wales Cup race is the national championship of the class, and is always on a five-lap course that cannot be shortened.

Hopefully, the wind will be back tomorrow, but that will be no consolation for a few people, such as Andrew Penman’s crew Tim Bastow, who will have to be back at his desk at SP Systems on the Isle of Wight, having been able to take off only a limited amount of time.

The week’s racing for the POW Cup and the points trophy is being organised by the East Lothian Yacht Club.