Bruno Peyron and team are just about to break their own 24-hour speed record 3/7/06

Bruno Peyron and team currently attempting to break the Transatlantic record from New York to England have (at 1211) already clocked up 759 miles and are set to break their previous speed record within the next few minutes.

Sailing the 121ft maxi catamaran Orange 2, Peyron and team are aiming to break the previous record of 706.2 miles they set in 2004 doing an average of 29.42kts.

Peyron speaking from the boat this morning said: “We’re making more than thirty knots? In terms of the weather, we’ve got exactly what we saw in the charts before the start. Ahead there are no rough seas, even if for the time being, we’re being hit by waves on the beam, as we are moving along the continental shelf. Our speed is going up and down between 33 and 36 knots, with no real peaks at up to 40, as happens when the boat rides the waves.”

The overall 3,100 mile transatlantic record set by Steve Fossett’s Playstation currently stands at 4 days, 17h, 28 minutes and 06 seconds.