Mike Horn's four year global expedition heads to New Zealand - applications for Indonesia now open


After a very busy stop in South Africa, Mike Horn and the crew of Pangea have begun crossing the Indian Ocean towards the next destination – New Zealand.

Meanwhile, eight Young Explorers are now preparing to meet Mike in the fjords of New Zealand’s South Island. Amongst the beauty of the ice cut fjords, the young explorers will witness the natural beauty of this untouched terrain, the importance of its preservation, and the protection of its wildlife.

“I’ve heard many wonderful things about this country with its culture and traditions so different to those I have ever witnessed before,” explained Mike. “Through YEP (Young Explorer Programme) we will sensitise the youths towards the appreciation of the ‘unspoilt natural beauty’ that beholds us in the Fiord lands – these words so rarely mentioned in today’s world”.

The Pangaea Expedition started on 18 October last year, when Mike Horn set sail from Argentina on the first stage of his epic journey to Antarctica. His route will take him through Australasia, China, Russia, to the North Pole, then across Canada, North America and South America and back to Argentina.