The 35-strong Faraday Mill OSTAR fleet have been suffering with light airs over the last 24-hours but stronger winds should settle by this afternoon

The 35 sailors who left Plymouth Sound on Sunday at the start of the Faraday Mill OSTAR are, after their departure in glorious sunshine and light airs, still struggling to make the Atlantic their new home.

The fleet, which since rounding the Eddystone Light and heading west have been experiencing very light winds on what should have been an exciting first night at sea bunched together, and were virtually parked between the Scilly Isles and Land’s End.

However, by this morning (Tuesday), the fleet which is being led by two of the larger multihulls, Roger Langevin on ‘Branec IV’ closely followed by Anne Caseneuve on ‘Group Acanthe’ should be clear of Land’s End looking forward to better wind. A depression should mature by the afternoon and set the boats on a faster course to Newport.

For two of the boats though, the race has come to an end with early retirements from one of the favourites Ross Hobson, whose trimaran ‘Mollymawk’ suffered a broken daggerboard. Ross reluctantly phoned the race office at midday on Monday to let them know he will be returning to Plymouth. He has now arrived back in Plymouth and is currently on one of the RWYC Club moorings considering whether it is feasable to replace his damaged daggerboard and restart the race without infringing NOR 13 (Outside Assistance).

The other boat, ‘Blue Shadow’, who was involved in the early dispute with Chivas III, restarted at 4.30pm on Sunday after returning to make repairs but Jacques Dewez reported in to say that although there was no structural damage to the boat his communications gear was causing him concern and in the interest of safety would be returning Plymouth.