Hopes of Bruno Peyron and crew setting off on their Mediterranean crossing have been postponed due to bad weather

The strength of the wind in Marseilles is stronger than forecast and the maxi-catamaran Orange II, which is on stand-by in the Old Harbour for an attempt at the Mediterranean crossing record, will not be able to set sail until early tomorrow morning.

Contacted by phone this afternoon, her skipper explained the reasons for this delay. Bruno Peyron : “The strong mistral wind and the heavy swell mean that it would be dangerous to try to leave from the Old Harbour this evening. We have taken the decision to stay in port tonight and to set out tomorrow at around 0600 to be able to cross the starting line some time between 0700 and 0800.

The record to beat: Steve Fossett (PlayStation) 18 hours, 46 minutes and 48 seconds (24 May 2002).


Bruno Peyron, skipper

Sebastien Audigane

Yves Le Blévec

Halvard Mabire

Lionel Lemonchois

Ludovic Alglaor

Marc Englebert

Tanguy de lamotte

Stanislas Devorsine

Quentin Gilles

Arnaud De Bélinay (cameraman)