Stève Ravussin is currently inside the hull of the Orange Project trimaran which capsized last night 7/11/06

In less than a week after colliding with a submerged container the Orange project trimaran has capsized while competing in the Route du Rhum. At 23h28 GMT last night Stève Ravussin (pictured left) the skipper activated his Sarsat distress signal reporting that he had capsized and was inside the hull.

Following a request from the Cross maritime authorities, a container ship was alerted and has now reached the area to offer help. Radio contact by VHF has been established with the skipper of Orange project.

The trimaran, which set off from the Azores late on Saturday afternoon was sailing in rough seas and 30-knot winds, when she capsized for reasons that remain unknown for the moment.

During the night no oral contact was possible with the Orange skipper, who although taking refuge inside the hull, was able to have phone contact with his shore team, but was unable to reply.

More information later this morning?