Hard work has paid off for the maxi-cat as it reaches Cape of Good Hope in record time

Bruno Peyron and his 13-man crew entered the Indian Ocean aboard the Orange II maxi-cat in record time. The boat arrived under the Cape of Good Hope in 14 days and 8 hours. Which implies smashing two previous “intermediary” records for that portion of the course: Ushant – Good Hope, and Equator – Good Hope. Orange II is now flying along with 1860 nm ahead of Cheyenne’s record attempt.

“And we’re still going strong!” said Bruno Peyron yesterday morning (Tuesday 8 February). The next issue will be to find the right compromise between “surrealistic” speeds (i.e. 30 to 35 knots) and the necessity to spare the crew and the gear.”

Orange II is now sailing in the most hostile areas of the planet. The seas are rough, even though the Orange II “bulldozer”, as Bruno sometimes affectionately calls his catamaran, easily copes with 5 to 6-metre swells. But caution and concentration have to remain at their highest level at all times.

Yesterday Orange II passed their first iceberg and has turned northeast to keep north of the ice zones. Sailing past Marion Island this morning, the crew had little time to appreciate its volcanic craters and wildlife, as the maxi-cat picked up speed again.

Bruno Peyron said: “Sailing on a tightrope. We have to avoid the calms on our left and the ice on our right.”

“We’re not far from the Fifties South. This is the sort of place you don’t want to hang around in. Because of the ice we’re going to have to prolong the route somewhat by heading a bit further north.”