Bruno Peyron and his crew aboard the 121ft maxicat may be 28 hours away from the finish 5/7/06

At an average speed of 29.8 knots over the past 24 hours, Bruno Peyron and his team aboard the 121ft maxicat Orange II are covering much more than the 700 miles per day to break the Transatlantic record currently held by PlayStation.

Tracking due east (bearing 84 degree), at 0532 this morning the fast feline had less than 850 miles to go to reach The Lizard.

While the pace has eased off slightly since this morning to 26.2 knots, the helmsmen continue to work around the clock to push Orange II to her ultimate limit, despite having damaged the port rudder from a collision with an unidentified object yesterday.

According to weather charts the westerly wind may be dropping off, but it is too soon to predict. The rudder and decreased wind may threaten to slow Bruno Peyron and his crew down, but if Orange II retains her current speed the finish lies only 28 hours ahead.