Orange II could set off on her Marseilles-Carthage record attempt today

As predicted a weather window is opening up for Bruno Peyron and his crew, who will try and break the Marseilles ? Carthage record. The Orange II maxi-catamaran should cross the starting line today between 18:00 and 20:00 local time.

“We’re waiting for a cold front which should cause the winds to shift to the west ? shift which will probably be less significant than expected, and that might force us to gybe twice at the end of the course”, explained Bruno Peyron.” As far as the wind force is concerned, I reckon we’ll have more than enough! I think the state of the seas will be quite rough, since it’s generally the case in the Mediterranean when it’s been blowing more than 30 knots for three straight days ? we can expect choppy seas, which may force us to ease off a bit.”

Orange II will probably not be pushed at 100%, but “all hands will be on deck all the time (no watch systems, since the record to beat is only 18 hours and 46 minutes), and the best helmsmen on board will take turns behind the wheel. Their task will be to keep the boat speed at its highest level!”

Record to beat: Steve Fossett, PlayStation / 18 hours, 46 minutes and 48 seconds (May 2002)

The crew is the same “core” that already tackled the Atlantic in August.

Crew list

Bruno Peyron, skipper

Sébastien Audigane

Yves Le Blévec

Halvard Mabire

Lionel Lemonchois

Ludovic Alglaor

Marc Englebert

Tanguy de Lamotte

Stanislas Devorsine

Quentin Gilles

Arnaud de Bélinay (video)