Testing conditions at day one of OK Dinghy Australian and Interdominion Champs 8/2/06

The 2006 OK Dinghy Australian and Interdominion Championships got underway at Belmont 16ft Sailing Club on Lake Macquarie, Australia yesterday with two testing races sailed in 20-25 knots.

The previous day’s sea breeze and blue skies had vanished overnight with the arrival of a 40 knots southerly that sent several OKs sailing round the dinghy park on their own, but by the time the racing had started, it had moderated to a gusty 20 knots. The entry includes 77 sailors from six nations.

Race one saw a good win for Russell Wood (NZL). Rounding the first mark behind fellow kiwi Mark Perrow, he showed superior upwind speed to win, followed by Roger Blasse (AUS) and the current world champion Nick Craig (GBR).

The second race was similar with a large shift at the start favouring those out of the pin. Wood led round the first mark followed by Craig and Perrow. Eventually Craig and Perrow were battling for the lead with Perrow leading most of the way. At the end though, there was barely a boatlength in it with Craig taking the bullet. Karl Purdie (NZL) sailed a great race to finish third.

The championships continue until Friday, before the Toshiba World Championship starts next Monday.


Race 1

1 NZL526 R Wood

2 AUS678 R Blasse

3 GBR2116 N Craig

4 NZL521 M Perrow

5 NZL502 K Purdie

6 NZL504 A Mannering

7 AUS719 A Blasse

8 AUS716 P Horne

9 AUS720 M Williams

10 NZL522 G Wilcox

11 DEN1348 J Lindhardtsen

12 AUS722 P Foster

13 NZL525 S McDowell

14 AUS703 M McQueen

15 NZL497 T Pryce

16 NZL523 J Porebski

17 GBR2081 R Deaves

18 SWE99 H Elkjaer

19 AUS681 M Gleeson

20 AUS718 P Burton

Race 2

1 GBR2116 N Craig

2 NZL521 M Perrow

3 NZL502 K Purdie

4 AUS678 R Blasse

5 DEN1348 J Lindhardtsen

6 NZL525 S McDowell

7 AUS720 M Williams

8 NZL526 R Wood

9 DEN1340 J Petersen

10 AUS716 P Horne

11 NZL523 J Porebski

12 AUS719 A Blasse

13 NZL472 A Deaves

14 SWE99 H Elkjaer

15 NZL497 T Pryce

16 NZL504 A Mannering

17 AUS676 T Davies

18 GBR2081 R Deaves

19 AUS703 M McQueen

20 AUS668 P Wallace