Competitors at last Sunday's OK open meeting enjoyed exciting conditions at British Airways YC

The forecast gale Force winds reduced the number of entries at last Sunday’s OK open meeting at British Airways YC but those who did attend enjoyed some spectacular racing in winds topping 50kts.

Race 1 got underway in a moderating Force 5 and Nick Craig got away first, followed by Malcolm Wenman and then Deryck Lovergrove. In ever-rising winds, Craig pulled out a good lead, but the order behind him didn’t change, so they finished Craig 1st, Wenman 2nd and Lovegrove 3rd.

Race 2 took place after lunch in much the same conditions, albeit there had been some tempting sunny intervals when wind speeds temporarily moderated, rather deceivingly. The order off the start line was Craig, Lovergrove and Wenman, which remained until about half distance, when Lovergrove fell in, allowing Wenman through for a finishing order of Craig 1st, Wenman 2nd and Lovergrove 3rd .

Undaunted, the competitors set out for Race 3 while the Wanderers (sharing the open meeting) had abdondoned. Half way through the race, the most horrendous squall swept across the lake, and Craig was knocked down a couple of times, but got up to finish and win. During the squall, Lovergrove capsized at a leeward mark and his boat was driven onto a lee shore and he thereby retired, and Wenman chose discretion and came in to retire, but thereby retaining his record of remaining upright all day. Testimony to the excellent build quality of OKs is that there was no gear failure all day, with the new carbon masts being given a torture test.

Overall Results

1st 2110, Nick Craig

2nd 2042, Malcolm Wenman

3rd 2104, Derek Lovegrove