Roland Jourdain is not risking Artemis Transat after suffering delays 12/3/08

Just two months from the Artemis Transat start (11 May), Roland Jourdain andVeolia Environnementhave withdrawn. Since dismasting in the Barcelona World Race, huge efforts have been made to see that the yacht is ready. However, delays in shipping the boat back and the building of a new mast have forced the team to fall behind schedule.

Since last December whenVeolia Environnemendismasted in the Barcelona World Race, 1600 miles from the Australian coast, extensive planning has been taking place in France as the team wait for the return cargo carrying the red monohull.

The order was given for its new mast in January, but the consequences of the successive dismastings this winter meant that Jourdain’s was also the last to take its turn in the mould, and can only be delivered at the end of April.

According to the cargo ship Tamesis which is bringing backVeolia Environnement, they aim to arrive into Zeebrugge, Belgium tomorrow morning – two days later than predicted. With unloading schedules and road transits now delayed, the timing is too tight for necessary sailing days to settle the new rig, and to check all systems before the race start.

After this winter’s damage, and with the Vendee Globe (Jourdain has already qualified but will still need to do 1,500 miles to qualify his new mast.) taking priority, Roland has decided not to risk entering the Transat.