Light winds and mist forced the postponement of today's racing at the OK worlds

We all know that sailors love to talk about the weather, but today in Skælskør, Denmark at the OK Dinghy World Championship, that was all they could do.

And they had plenty of material. Waiting on the sound for over four hours for a race to start, first there was a light north-easterly and mist, then this cleared to leave flat calm, brilliant sunshine and soaring temperatures, then it some wind came from the south-east and died, then it cooled down and some more built again from the west…and died.

Finally a breeze appeared from the north-west and a course was set. But as the sailors checked the shifts and prepared for the race an enormous thunderstorm approached and with winds reaching 25 knots and torrential rain, racing was postponed and the sailors were sent home, only to find no wind inside the fjord and most had to be towed the few miles back to the sailing centre.

However, it was not over yet. On arrival at the shore, the postponement was still up and a further wait of an hour ensued until the PRO finally admitted defeat and abandoned for the day.

Tomorrow is the final scheduled day and it is technically possible to run three races, so the final result is by no means certain. But by tomorrow night there will be a new OK Dinghy World Champion.