Light winds continue to hamper Tony Bullimore's circumnavigation record attempt 21/2/07

Sixty-eight-year-old Tony Bullimore, currently in Hobart, Tasmania awaiting a weather window to commence his solo circumnavigation record attempt, has resigned himself to at least another week ashore.

Bullimore who’s been on standby for well over two months has been plagued by lack of wind and according to Barry Pickthall from the shore team, the chances of him setting off in the next few days are zero. Apparently there’s a massive high sitting over Hobart and the weather system looks likely to remain static for the next few days(see chart)leaving Bullimore no choice other than to sit wait.

Pickthall commenting on the situation said: “Actually I hope he’s continuing to spend the time he has available at the gym. He has all the facilities there and I think he got quite into it.”

The last update we had from Bullimore a month ago was the news of problems with his gennaker furling gear and damaged runner aboard his 102ft catamaran Doha 2006. Apparently everything has been fixed now and the boat has never looked more prepared.

But the question is, has Bullimore missed the chance of going this year? According to Pickthall no, there’s still time, adding: “We have a cut-off time of end of March. Yes, it is getting late in the season but he won’t be going that far south he’ll be in the 30s most of the way. The worst bit will diving deep rounding Cape Horn.”