Lack of wind forces abandonment of first day of racing at Garmin Hamble Winter Series 8/10/07

There was disappointment for more than a thousand sailors when lack of breeze caused racing to be abandoned for all of the eleven classes on the first day of this popular Garmin Hamble Winter Series.

A gentle zephyr was all that was available when racing was due to begin at 1000, but it turned out to be the best the morning had to offer, and by 11.30 it had dropped to nothing. The inevitable result was the raising of AP over A, which was the signal for the huge fleet to return reluctantly to the Hamble.

Better winds will surely be on offer during the series, which is scheduled to run until 2 December. Next weekend will see the first five races of the Garmin Hamble Big Boat Series on Saturday and Sunday, which will take place in addition to Day 2 of the Winter Series, and will be concluded on 27 and 28 October.