Ellen MacArthur is playing the waiting game for the Jules Verne start

There is currently no change in the weather situation for the start of Ellen MacArthur’s forthcoming challenge.

MacArthur’s 75ft trimaran B&Q has been in Falmouth since last Monday awaiting a weather window for the Jules Verne Challenge however, the weather situation for the singlehanded, non-stop record attempt has been far from exciting.

MacArthur says that although it’s difficult to predict the weather two weeks ahead her weather routers are working full time to find a possible window. MacArthur commented: “I liaise with Commanders’ Weather every day and we are looking up to 10-14 days ahead but the weather predictions are not totally reliable this far ahead. But if there is something looking good out there, we can pick it up at this stage. But in reality the weather forecasts are only relatively accurate 5-6 days ahead not more and even then things can still change.

“We want the wind from behind B&Q or on her side but not in front, so we’re looking for a High Pressure area over the Azores that basically means the Trade Winds will be strong further down the track after the start and if the Trade Winds are strong we can get across Equator quickly.”