Despite dodging icebergs in thick fog Olivier de Kersauson's team aboard Geronimo clocked up 520 miles in the last 24 hours

Olivier de Kersauson and crew aboard Geronimo have spent the last 48 hours with their eyes on the instruments and the radar screen while dodging icebergs in the thick fog as they head south on their Jules Verne Challenge. However, news from the boat this morning shows that team Geronimo have decided not to let themselves be deterred by the very real danger of nearby ice, since they covered 520 nautical miles point-to-point at an average speed of 21.70kts during their 20th day at sea.

They continue to take the southerly option and are currently close to the 48th parallel at a position of 48°46S, 43°56E.

The many gybes required during the last 24 hours compromised the day’s performance to some degree, but it remains a staggering achievement when you remember that the trimaran was enveloped in thick fog all day.

But when all is said and done, ice, fog, 5°C water temperature and 3°C air temperature are just the usual ingredients of an end-of-summer cruise in these unfriendly waters, marked only by the proximity of the Crozet Islands, now about one day’s sailing time east-north-east of the trimaran’s position.