The leading two boats on leg 4 of the Volvo Ocean Race have pulled out a 13-mile lead over Amer Sports One

Conditions are becoming tougher by the minute as the VOR boats head further south towards Antarctica. Ross Field from the leading boat News Corp reported : “I’ve never seen so many icebergs and growlers in all my sailing in the Southern Ocean.”

Amer Sports One is converging towards the fleet from the north in around 37 knots of wind, and illbruck, Assa Abloy, djuice and Tyco are now on a more easterly course towards Cape Horn which is 2,750 nautical miles away.

SEB appears to have lost a little wind in the south as she is now sailing in around 20 knots, but she and News Corp are both continuing to push further south.

Position Report, Day 7, 1554 GMT


2 ILBK (1 mile from leader)

3 AONE (13 miles from leader)

4 TYCO (14 miles from leader)

5 TSEB (35 miles from leader)

6 DJCE (40 miles from leader)

7 AART (44 miles from leader)

8 ATOO (188 miles from leader)