Alex Jackson's 100ft Speedboat finishes the 635 nautical mile race in a relatively slow 59 hours

Finishing second, approximately three hours later, was Puma Racing’s Il Mostro, the 70-foot Volvo Ocean Race boat sailed by Kenny Read. Both sailed in the Open Division for racing yachts with canting keels.

It was a slow race, with Speedboat making the 635-mile course in just over 59 hours after the start at Newport on Friday. The crew of 25 never reefed the boat. In the light to moderate conditions that prevailed through most of the race, Speedboat was hard pressed by Il Mostro, Rambler, and several boats in the mini-maxi 70-80 foot range over the first third of the course.

“We really didn’t get away from them until we were in the Stream,” Speedboat navigator Stan Honey said. “Then they gained a lot in the light stuff as we came into the finish.”

At 05:00 EDT on Monday 21 June, the mini-maxi Ran reported less than 10 knots as she beat to windward toward the buoys guarding Bermuda’s reef. “Titan is downwind from us and is not a threat. Rambler and Beau Geste are upwind and in front as we thought they would. We are still in a strong position although it now looks like Beau Geste is the biggest threat. Just a few more hours to go.”

At 08:53, the British yacht crossed the finish line, behind Rambler and Beau Geste. On corrected time, Niklas Zennstrom and his crew took first in class postition.

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