Frenchman Alexandre Caizergues has become the fastest sailor on earth with a 50.57 knot run

Alexandre Caizergues (FRA), pictured, has become the fastest sailor on earth with a 50.57 knots run, accompanied by several more 50s and high 49s.

The Lüderitz Speed Challenge saw Sebastien Cattelan of France become the first human being to sail at more than 50 knots (57.8mph) – a world record he held for only 24 hours before compatriot Alexandre Caizergues snatched it away with not one but three runs over 50 knots – reaching a top speed of 50.57 knots (58.2mph).

Several of the top competitors, including Cattelan and American Rob Douglas (who set a new world record in the first few days of the Lüderitz Speed Challenge), selected slightly smaller kites in today’s exceptionally strong conditions, but then swapped back – possibly costing them a few valuable fractions of a second on the 500m run. They still achieved top results, with Cattelan getting a 49.69 and Douglas a 48.82. Other top performers were Christophe Prin Guenon (FR), who reached 49.54, and Jerome Bila (FR) who hit 49.09.

So far the Lüderitz Speed Challenge has seen ten new outright records and four new outright women’s records

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