Finian Maynard of the BVI comes tantalisingly close to the 'magic' 50 knots with a new record set in the 'French Trench'

Subject to WSSR Ratification two new world records have been set. These are:

On Sunday April 10th, outright record at St Maries de la Mer, France, Finian Maynard, BVI, 48.70 kts.

Also on Sunday April 10th, new women’s record: at St Maries de la Mer, Karine Jaggi, SWI, 41.25 kts

From the Masters of Speed website: The storm has subsided and the dust is settling but what will be remembered as time moves on are the two fast times set by Karin Jaggi (F2/Arrows) at 41.25 and Finian Maynard (F2/Naish) at 48.70 kts.

The wind for Karin’s record was a constant 35-knots down the entire run and Finian’s time was set in 40-knots with the occasional 45-knot push but nothing as violent as the records set in November 2004.

The power surges over the record runs were less than the past Mistral winds and it has been documented by Christophe Simian (Canal manager) that this particular cycle had more humidity and ‘push’ to it than past northerly record winds. Somehow there was an uncanny resemblance to the SE wind and this could have been the key to the new best times.

The angle on the Canal was exactly 126 degrees for both records and the wind was uncharacteristically even down the entire run. The recent hard work put into the ‘trench’ has paid off with unprecedented high water levels yielding the surface capable of handling speeds that must have been over 50-knots.

Unfortunately, unlike November, no GPS units were on either rider so we will just have to wonder as to what the max speeds were but surely the magical barrier has been breached, even if it is for only a 2 second period.