Graham Camm and Zoe Ballantyne win Royal Thames Trophy at Ranelagh 10/2/06

The Royal Thames trophy sailed for by National 12s at Ranelagh Sailing Club was, once again, fiercely contested. Glorious sunshine ensured no-one felt the cold as the race proved to be typically hectic.

With all boats putting huge efforts into staying the correct side of the startline, when the start finally went, there were boats pointing in all directions with Christopher Edwards and Katy Meadowcroft being the cleanest away.

By the first leeward mark, Graham Camm and Zoe Ballantyne took the lead but turning into a strong tide the fleet came together and sailed seven abreast close to the shore back to Putney Bridge. Frances Gifford and Sophie Mackley took the lead prior to heading back towards Hammersmith, with Camm/Ballantyne in second.

The subsequent four rounds saw lead changes between Gifford/Mackley and Camm/Ballantyne with both David and Caroline Croft, and Edwards/Meadowcroft never far behind. The practising Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race Crews just about managed to stay clear of our race, they might note that we don’t practise sailing during their big race.

Five rounds later, Camm and Ballantyne had stretched ahead just enough to win the trophy from the Crofts who had snuck past Gifford and Mackley.

Overall Results

1st – 3492 Babelfish, Graham Camm and Zoe Ballantyne

2nd – 2935 Closer to the Edge, David and Caroline Croft

3rd – 3431 Zippy, Frances Gifford and Sophie Mackley