Penultimate round of the N12 Thames Area series at Henley 27/9/06

The penultimate round of the N12 Thames Area series took place at Henley SC on 23 September.

In race one Matt Stiles and son in their first 12 open meeting stormed off the line into a big lead. The pack caught them as they sat in a hole and by the second windward mark John and Mandy Thornton were in the lead which they held to the finish. David Wilkins and Adele Cameron took second with the Stiles in third. Mike Hoyle and Duncan Mackay took a notable swim whilst roll tacking.

Race two saw the arrival of 2006 Burton Cup winners Graham Camm and Zoe Ballantyne. Demonstrating fantastic light wind speed they sailed away from the fleet, pursued by Wilkins and Cameron who took second ahead of the Thorntons.

By the final race three boats were able to win the meeting. John and Katy Meadowcroft made a good start but were soon overtaken by Mike Day. Wilkins and Cameron looked tasty whilst Camm and Ballantyne took a 720. However, Camm and Ballantyne came charging through the fleet and the Thorntons broke their tiller extension. Day then took a swim in no wind whatsoever just to add to the excitement. Camm and Ballantyne won the race and the event.

Overall Results

1 Graham Camm and Zoe Ballantyne, N3492 Numinous design Burghfield SC
2 John and Mandy Thornton, N3148 Tigress design Henley SC
3 David Wilkins and Adele Cameron, N3481 Feeling Foolish design Spinnaker Club