National 12 class at London Boatshow and you chance to win a Gill jacket 22/12/06

The National 12 has always held a key role in the UK dinghy scene being the class where many famous designers and sailors have cut their teeth. 2006 was the class’ 70th anniversary and the highlight of the year was the anniversary regatta held at Northampton Sailing club which saw over 70 boats compete; representing all ages of craft and sailor from the class’ 70 years. With a fantastic history of development, a modern National 12 has remained one of the most lively and beautiful boats in the market.

In 2007 the National Twelve Owners Association have been invited to display at the London International Boat Show. The stand will be manned by volunteer members of the class and will display N3502, a Big Issue design owned by David Peacock and Tricia Wood. The Chairman of the NTOA, Antony Gifford, said: “It is an honour to be one of the classes invited to display at the show. It will give us a good opportunity to show the wider public the evolution of our class to remain a thoroughly modern, attractive and lively sailing dinghy.”

To help guide the class through another 70 years the Class Association is now conducting a national census of National 12 sailors past, present and future. It is the hope of the NTOA that this survey will be completed by as many people as possible, whether or not they have any current or historical link to the class.

The purpose to the survey is as follows:
Reconnect with many “lost” owners and boats
Understand how to attract new sailors to the class
Better plan future open meetings and circuits
Develop the format of the famous Burton Week
Understand views on future class developments

Antony Gifford said: “With such a large and vibrant group of past and present owners we are really keen to capture their thoughts and desires. In addition we want to reach out to the wider dinghy sailing population for their input. This will allow us to guide the Twelve forwards such that it can continue to be enjoyed by future generations.”

The survey will only demand a short amount of time to complete and one lucky winner will win a fantastic Gill Coast Sport Jacket worth £100; the winner will be drawn at random from the complete scripts.

The deadline for the 70th Census is 1 February 2007; the survey can be completed on the National 12