The Simpsons win National 12 Scottish Championship held at East Lothian YC 29/8/07

The National 12 class association held its Scottish Championship on 25-26 August, under the burgee of East Lothian Yacht Club.

The conditions on Saturday could best be described as ‘challenging’ with the wind at the upper end of the sailable limit. A course was set in the east bay which provided sufficient thrills and spills to keep the rescue boats busy with those who survived to make it out to the racing.

Bernard Clark and Sue Jones took the first race, with Mark and Sarah Simpson taking races 2 and 3. The fleet were pleased to return to the shore – some with repairs to make prior to the next day’s racing.

Sunday morning was equally windy, however, the wind abated somewhat during the racing. Mark Simpson, now crewed by wife Emma, took line honours in all three races. Clark and Jones scored two seconds and a DNS – returning to the shore to warm up after spending some time in the water. Stewart Miatt and Euan Lyall claimed two thirds and a second to finish third overall.

Overall Results
1st Mark and Emma/Sarah Simpson, N3472, Scaling Dam SC
2nd Bernard Clark and Sue Jones, N3447, Ripon SC/Nottingham SC
3rd Stewart Miatt and Euan Lyall, N3464, Yorkshire Ouse SC/East Lothian YC