A total of 48 boat turned out at Datchet Water SC to contest the National 12 inland championship

The sixth event of the Gill National 12 series and inland championship was hosted by Datchet Water SC on 6-7 September. The 48 boats arrived on Saturday to find a good breeze blowing across the top of the wall. Unfortunately, London has been drinking a lot of water in the heatwave, and the racing was held in light conditions 30ft beneath the edge of the wall.

Following a general recall caused by a brief squall as some dark clouds passed overhead, the wind once again died and the class’ well practised light wind skills were once again called on. Will and Arthur Henderson, followed by Mike Hoyle and Chloe Willis made best use of the conditions to win a race in which people gained and lost 10 places a leg.

The majority of the fleet voted with their feet against a second race, only for the wind to fill in once race officer, Mike Jackson had abandoned sailing for the day. Henley SC hosted the evening’s social with a seminar by Geoff Camm on Rules at Marks and an excellent Sausage Sizzle. Sunday dawned completely windless, but following a lengthy postponement two races were sailed. A number of people decided that the conditions weren’t for them and went home early. Graham Camm and Zoe Ballantyne followed by Chris Bishop and Pippa Jeffries pulled out a lead from the rest of the fleet to finish in that order, with Caroline Martin and Lesley Iles taking third from Mike Hoyle and Chloe Willis in the closing stages of the race. Race three was held in better conditions with a consistent wind blowing across the lake. Camm and Ballantyne comfortably won the race from the Hendersons, who were a distance in front of John Whitehead and Lydia Wood.

Graham Camm and Zoe Ballantyne have taken the lead of the Gill N12 Series from the new Lightning national champion Ian and Alex Gore after six events. Almost 100 boats have taken part in the series to date and the final event on 1 Novermber looks to be highly competitive, with many contenders fighting for the top spot in each of the four trophies.

Overall Results

1st N3469 “Thanks For All The Fish”, Graham Camm and Zoe Ballantyne

2nd N3418 “New Isabelle”, Will and Arthur Henderson

3rd N3438 “Lola”, Mike Hoyle and Chloe Willis

4th N3455 “Bart”, Caroline Martin and Lesley Iles

5th N3477 “Clandestine” John Whitehead and Lydia Wood

Admirals Cup

1st N3389 “Not Another Bill”, Gavin Willis and Hasmine Willis

2nd N3209 “Rebel”, John and Alison Cheetham

3rd N3365 “Jemima”, Jerry and Margaret Garner

5th N3385 “Wild Front Ear”, Mark and James Hoffman


Chris Bishop and Pippa Jeffries

Family Cup

Will and Arthur Henderson