Leg 2 starts tomorrow with forecast of 30 to 40 knots from the SW

Leg 1 is now over. We arrived yesterday afternoon at 2.40pm, 3 minutes behind the other Open 60, which was a shock to him as he thought he was a couple of hours in front of us. He was at Bishops rock, but we drove the boat hard for the sleigh ride to Cork, and appeared out of the drizzle half a mile off his stern 10 miles from the finish and closing rapidly.

We have sustained a little damage. One brocken batten and housing which we are running around fixing today, and a bat car which has been fixed already. Others were not so lucky. One of the multis collided with a bouy coming into Cork and have badly holed the starboard float. They hope to fix and restart but it is going to be an all night job.

Since stepping off the boat multi sailors keep coming up to me and thanking be for their HPX one piece suits. They were going through a lot of the waves rther than over them, but managed to stay dry for once. That was a scary ride for them.

The forcast for tommorows restart is 30 to 40 knots from the SW, going NW on Thursday, andd decreasing, so the next one looks wet and uncomfortable.

We will wait and see.

Nigel Musto and Andy Hindley, Musto Performance Partners.

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