Kiko Rutter reflects on the beauty of an ocean-bound night, and finds yet more cause for celebration on the ARC

On 2 December, Kiko writes:

Our first completely fishless day, but otherwise still pretty near perfect. It’s now 2145 and we’ve been sitting up in the cockpit in shirtsleeves, watching the moonlight reflecting off the sea. It’s almost a full moon tonight. It’s hard to conceive a more beautiful sight.

The wind today has remained consistently between 16 and 18 knots, but has veered slightly to about ESE. Our waypoint to St Lucia is 258 degrees true, and we can hold 250 degrees true quite comfortably. Our current position is 18 43N, 35 54W and the forecast is talking of lighter winds south of 18N so we’ll probably move the pole across and go onto starboard for a couple of days.

We cross the halfway point tomorrow, so we are planning a little celebration. There seems to be something to celebrate every other day!