Big winds force postponement of Transat 6,50 Charente-Maritime/Bahia but run prologue instead 16/9/07

Frustration mounts for the 89 competitors awaiting the start of the Transat 6,50 Charente-Maritime/Bahia (Mini Transat).

The race, which was scheduled to start at 1100 local time today, has been postponed because of strong winds forecast over the next few days. The race is now scheduled to start on Wednesday.

According to the race organisers based at the Bassin des Chalutiers in La Rochelle, extremely strong northerly winds are expected over the next few days and because of a danger to the boats as they head across the Golfe de Gascogne a decision was made last night to postpone.

Instead competitors were given permission to race the formerly cancelled Prologue off Fort Boyard today. This will give competitors a chance to make final preparation checks before they set off on their first leg sprint to Funchal, Madeira.

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