Strong winds delivery more speed for the 'Mini' fleet

The winds from the Northeast have steadily grown along the coast of Mauritania, delivering more speed. But sailing along Mauritania also lengthens the route to the next waypoint, the islands of Cape Verde.

Bertrand Delesne (Entreprendre Durablement) – winner of the first prototype stage and current leader of the second – after sailing along the Mauritanian coast, went back to a more direct route. His tactic paid off as he took the lead and is surfing along at over 10 knots, heading for Cesaria Evora.

Stéphane Le Diraison (Cultisol – Marins sans Frontières) – who was in first position yesterday – is a little further west. He did come back to the shortest route, but with slightly lower winds he lost his lead over night. In second place (prototype class) Henri Paul Schipman (Maisons de l’Avenir Urbatys) is following a similar path and keeping equal speeds.

Charlie Dalin ( has maintained a west course and direct route at full speed. He is still the leader for the Series class, but his advantage has certainly decreased over second placed Italian Ricardo Apolloni (Ma Vie pour Mapeï) and the tenacious Henry Meyniel (Beveac Consulting).

Charlie Dalin’s decision to go West may have been the best in the end, as he could reach the Cape Verde islands straight, while the other will sooner or later have to jibe. Who will triumph will be clear in the next few hours, but one thing is sure: the Series class has attacks on all sides with speeds of between 8 and 10 knots.

If the weather conditions remain the same, the islands off the coast of Senegal should be reached by this evening.

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