Follow yachtswoman Pip Hare as she prepares for the Mini Transat later this Summer

I have spent the weekend glued to my computer watching the results of the solo race in Brittany, the MAP, unfold and wishing I was there.

But being back in the UK has it’s advantages and one of them I experienced last week when I was able to take my Godsons out sailing in the sunshine on ‘The Potting Shed’.

I have always enjoyed sharing the adventure and beauty of sailing, which is why I get great satisfaction from my work as a teacher and a coach.

I normally only work with adults, but have taken great pleasure from sailing with Josh and Zac since they were babies and introducing them to the mini was the next step in their sailing education.

It was fantastic to see the other friendly face of my sometimes aggressive little red boat; to just relax and enjoy basic sailing, while a seven year old competently helmed and a four year requested endless trips to the foredeck to watch the water splashing up the bow.

Sailing is FUN! At times it is easy to forget with the enormous stress of pulling a campaign together and the hard work and emotion that goes with it, so just to kick back and not worry for a day is a fantastic medicine.

This week, my nose will be back to the grindstone; I have a deferred Open University exam from last year to sit on Tuesday (in amongst all this I am in the middle of a BA in modern Language Studies!) I am sailing with John Parker from Quantum East on Wednesday to discuss and decide my wardrobe for the transat; and some time during the week I hope to hook up with Olly Bond who formerly raced the Artemis mini in the 2009 transat, to give me a hand with my rig settings, especially the rake.

Time to crack on!