ticks off 260 miles in 24 hours in the Southern Ocean

Mike Perham, the British yachtsman hoping to become the youngest person to sail single-handed around the world, is currently crossing the Southern Ocean towards Australia.

In order to escape a high pressure ridge, Mike has headed north where he has been ticking off 260 mile days?.

“[Yesterday] morning brought Rain. Lots and lots of rain. Many people who’ve sailed down here in the Southern Ocean have described it with one word: grey. Well, I can confirm that they’re absolutely correct!

“It seems like there’s no end to this very grey, very murky world that has suddenly descended upon me; sometimes the mist thickens, massively reducing visibility, and it’s always damp. The deck hasn’t been fully dry since I left Cape Town. I have to be careful to keep my clothes as dry as possible as once they’re wet it’s near impossible to dry them out.

“I’ve made really good progress in the last 24hours, has done us proud by ticking off 260miles – and the good news is that these fast conditions are set to continue.

“I’ve headed quite far north to avoid a bunch of light air still hanging around to the south. Also, by turning more northerly, I’m less prone to the effects of the lows that continually truck along down here. I’ve been doing a couple of odd jobs here and there but overall everything is ship-shape and’s really tuned into the conditions so we’re all happy.”

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