The Laser-sponsored Medway Dinghy Regatta, organised and hosted by Wilsonian Sailing Club on behalf of the Medway Yachting Association, was held over the weekend 3-4 July

The Laser-sponsored Medway Dinghy Regatta, organised and hosted by Wilsonian Sailing Club on behalf of the Medway Yachting Association, was held over the weekend 3-4 July. Unfortunately the forecasted fresh to strong blustery south-westerly proved correct so entries were kept down to just 40 for the first race on Saturday, and as the wind strengthened only 27 ventured out for the second race.

The wind moderated overnight and this helped to attract a further 17 entries. However, with three of the four races to count, only those competing on the Saturday had any chance of winning the top prizes. As to be expected there were only 22 visitors, which included nine from Broxbourne SC.

Martin Jones (Contender) won the contest with Mark Goodchild (International Canoe) in the fast handicap event to lift the Invicta Trophy. Jones mastered the conditions well on Saturday to gain two wins in spite of numerous dunkings and then added a couple of third places on Sunday. While Goodchild had a fourth in the first race, stayed ashore for the second and won both races on Sunday to secure the runners-up prize. Tim Kift/Paul Heather (Osprey) thrived in Saturday’s challenging conditions to pick-up a third and second place and a fifth in the last race ensured third place on aggregate.

Tony Hunt/David Bourne (Laser 3000) dominated the 18-strong medium handicap fleet, wining all four races and the Quintet Trophy. Russ Hall (Blaze) from Broxbourne SC had two seconds and a third to count, for second spot overall. The Commodore also awarded Russ Hall the Bill Stewart Trophy for endeavour. Andrew Smith (Laser Radial) won the tie with David Vettergreen/Stan Sprot (Laser 2000) for third and fourth prizes.

In previous years David/Sandra Wilson in their Graduate has dominated the slow handicap event by winning all four races. However, although they retained the Medway Regatta Trophy they only won two of the races. It was Toppers from Broxbourne that dented their record. Daniel Redrupp won the first race and added a second and third on Sunday for second prize on aggregate. While Kerry hall secured third prize with a win and a second place. A close battle developed between the Wayfarers of Richard Stone/Catherine Gore and Brian Lamb/Matthew Wynn, ending with two wins and two seconds apiece, but the former won the Matkin Trophy, the tie being broken in their favour by winning the final race. Nick Stewart/Brian McKenzie with three third places secured the third prize.

Family pairs Doug/Peter Horner, David/Jackie Hudson and Colin/Martin Lown were the contenders for the honours in the Miracle fleet. The Horners found the conditions to their liking on Saturday to gain two comfortable wins and a second place on Sunday ensured victory and the Mirror Magnum Trophy. The Hudsons eventually won the contest for the second prize, with two seconds and a win in the final race. While the Lowns with a win, a second and a third settled for third prize.

Overall Results

Fast Handicap

1st Contender Martin Jones (Wilsonian SC) 5pts

2nd International Canoe Mark Goodchild (Medway YC) 6pts

3rd Osprey Tim Kift/Paul Heather (Wilsonian SC) 10pts

Medium Handicap

1st Laser 3000 Tony Hunt/David Bourne (Wilsonian SC) 3pts

2nd Blaze Russ Hall (Broxbourne SC) 7pts

3rd Laser Radial Andrew Smith (Wilsonian SC) 13pts

4th Laser 2000 Dave Vettergreen/Stan Sprot 13pts

Slow Handicap

1st Graduate David/Sandra Wilson (Broadwater SC) 4pts

2nd Topper Daniel Redruff (Broxbourne) 6pts

3rd Topper Kerry Hall (Broxbourne) 10pts


1st Richard Stone/Catherine Gore (Medway YC) 4pts

2nd Brian Lamb/Matthew Wynn (Wilsonian SC) 4pts

3rd Nick Stewart/ Brian McKenzie (Medway YC) 9pts


1st Doug/Peter Horner (Wilsonian SC) 4pts

2nd David/Jackie Hudson (Wilsonian SC) 5pts

3rd Colin/Martin Lown (Wilsonian SC) 6pts