After a close-fought battle yesterday (16 August), John and Katy Meadowcroft have won the week with a day to spare

John and Katy Meadowcroft have won the National 12 class at Salcombe Yacht Club Regatta with a day to spare.

On Wednesday (15 August) an epic battle was finally concluded in favour of Jon and Charlotte Ibbotson. The Ibbotsons recovered from a trap (really just a calm patch at Mark no 6) that had enabled the Meadowcrofts to establish a considerable lead. Good upwind speed enabled the lead to be wound in just in time for the Ibbotsons to snatch victory on another blustery day in Salcombe.

On Thursday the Ibbotsons led again, pursued initially by Malcolm Mackley and by the Meadowcrofts. A capsize off the beach, and in full view of all spectators, cost the Ibbotson dear. Once again it was the Meadowcrofts who were on hand to capitalise and won the race to seal victory in the week. Mackley held on to finish second as the Ibbotsons recovered to third.

The battle for second place overall between the Ibbotsons and the more consistent John and Mandy Thornton will be settled today.

In the ‘Half-Plate’ trophy for the older boats Andy and Harry Saville are defending a lead over the Croft family entering the final day.