Skippers chase for the Mercedes Benz SLK prize

Despite a third consecutive day of still conditions, three skippers remain alive in the chase for the Mercedes Benz SLK 200 at Match Race Germany, an event of the Swedish Match Tour.

Jes Gram-Hansen’s Team Denmark (Rasmus Kostner, Christian Kamp, Michael Arnhild, Henning Sohm) leads the standings with a 5-0 record. They topped Group B, which finished its initial round robin today, and led three other teams to the quarterfinals.

In Group A, Swedish Match Tour champion Peter Gilmour’s Pizza-La Sailing Team (Yasuhiro Yaji, Mike Mottl, Kazuhiko Sofuku, Carsten Kemmling) and Gavin Brady’s BMW Oracle Racing (Dirk de Ridder, Sean Clarkson, Brad Webb, Andreas John) both have 3-0 records after three flights.

The first skipper to win 10 straight races will win the silver Mercedes roadster. Brady said,”I imagine the conditions are as testing for the organizers as they are for the sailors,” referring to the sweltering, 80-degree-plus temperatures and nearly non-existent wind.

Four teams from Group B have advanced to the quarterfinal round. Joining Gram-Hansen are crews led by skippers Eric Monin (SUI), Luc Pillot (FRA) and Mathieu Richard (FRA).

Round Robin Standings

Group A (After 3 of 5 flights)

1. Peter Gilmour/AUS, Pizza-La Sailing Team, 3-0 Crew: Yasuhiro Yaji, Mike Mottl, Kazuhiko Sofuku, Carsten Kemmling

2. Gavin Brady/NZL, BMW Oracle Racing, 3-0 (2.25 points, due to penalty from International Jury) Crew: Dirk de Ridder, Sean Clarkson, Brad Webb, Andreas John

3. Bertrand Pacé/FRA, Team France, 1-2 Crew: Benoit Briand, Thierry Fouchier, Fabrice Levet, Claas de Jong

4. Lars Nordbjaerg/DEN, 1-2 Crew: Thomas Hartvig, Niels Gramkov, Henning Lambertsen, Martin Metzing

5.Tino Ellegast/GER, 1-2 Crew: Arne Gülzow, Rudi Monteu, Philipp Hofstetter, Holger Lehning

6. Karol Jablonski/POL, Toscana Challenge, 0-3 Crew: Markus Wieser, Tom Baranowski, Piotr Przybylski, Wolfgang Käfer

Group B (After 5 of 5 flights)

1. Jes Gram-Hansen/DEN, Team Denmark, 5-0 Crew: Rasmus Kostner, Christian Kamp, Michael Arnhild, Henning Sohm

2. Eric Monin/SUI, 3-2 Crew: Jean-Claude Monin, Marc Monin, Alain Marchand, Caspar Büttner

3. Luc Pillot/FRA, 3-2 Crew: Tanguy Cariou, Christian Scherrer, Teva Plichart, Florian Weser

4. Mathieu Richard (FRA), 3-2 Crew: Yannick Simon, Olivier Herledand, Pierre-Alexis Ponset, Christoph Fuchs

5. Michael Dunstan/AUS, OzBoyz Challenge, 2-3 Crew: Nick Partridge, Ben Morrison-Sack, Seve Jarvin, Tobi Aulich

6. Ray Davies/NZL, Team New Zealand, 0-5 Crew: Kelvin Harrap, Carl Williams, Matti Paschen, Jan Reblin