Despite Maiden's slow progress during her Antigua to Newport record attempt, she's now hit stronger winds and should arrive in Newport later today

The latest report from Maiden II is that she is unlikely to beat the Antigua to Newport record because she’s been stuck in light airs for over 18 hours.

Adrienne Cahalan commented: ‘There are a lot of active cold fronts passing across the northern US, and this combined with a strong high has made it tough going for us. On Sunday, the high was sitting almost over the top of us. We are scheduled to arrive into Newport at noon local time today which is a little disappointing result for us.’ Emma Richards added: ‘We are unlikely to beat probably the slowest ever speed record for these maxi-cats – the last watch totalled three miles in four hours.’ However, the wind finally filled in to 20kts yesterday afternoon, allowing the crew to be able to hold speeds averaging 23-25kts. The forecast was for the winds to build overnight and head slightly to allow a reach in to Newport later today, hopefully in under 96hrs.

Navigation Report End Day 3

Position: 33 53.3N 69 33.9W

Miles to finish: 460nm

Miles sailed since start: 1,100nm

Average speed since start: 15.2kts

Daily run day 3: 224 at 330T

Current boat speed: 25kts

Current course: 348T