Ellen MacArthur will leave the dock at 1400 this afternoon in preparation for the start of her non-stop, global record attempt tomorrow

Ellen MacArthur’s shore team will be making their final checks this morning and preparing B&Q to depart for the solo, non-stop, global record attempt (see route left). Ellen will be studying the weather in the morning before heading down to the boat. Her estimated time of departure from the dock at the National Maritime Museum in Falmouth is 1400 this afternoon.

Any decision however, to actually cross the start line off Ushant will not be taken until midnight tonight. If the weather window holds then B&Q is likely to cross the start line in the morning between 0800-1000 GMT.

The current forecast for the start by Commanders’ Weather is for south-south-westerly winds on Saturday and Saturday night for the delivery to the start area. Wind speeds 10-16 knots midday Saturday and increasing to 12-18 knots for few hours during the afternoon, but wind direction will be more south-west when the wind speeds increase.

A cold front will pass between 0600-1200UTC Sunday. Winds north-west 20-30 knots at 0900 GMT decreasing through day to 18-24 knots by 1800 GMT.