A total of 19 dinghies turned out for the third race in the Lymington Town Early Points Series

Lymington Town Sailing Club’s third early points race on Sunday, March 17 saw excellent sailing conditions bringing the 19 dinghies on the start line, a pleasant change from the previous week when appalling conditions lead to a cancellation.

In the fast fleet, the port-end flyers got well away from the start but were soon overhauled by the Sydney Harbour 18ft Skiff being guest helmed by Paul Bayliss in the absence of resident helm Toby Collyer.

With Bayliss rounding the windward mark first they were never headed and won on handicap by over six minutes. Next to round were Pete Barton and Nigel Wallbank in their respective RS700s while the rest got into knots while trying to round against the strong spring flood tide.

From the leeward mark, due to signalling of an ambiguous course, the fleet split into two, with all two-man boats sailing a long and incorrect course while the single-handers sailed a shorter correct course.

This allowed Mike Beggs in his Vortex to claim second on handicap when both Barton and Wallbank capsized. Possibly the most valiant display of the day was by Lee Todd who manfully sailed his 29er on the longer course for every lap and still managed to beat one of the RS700s.

In the medium fleet, the race officer had corrected the ambiguity so all sailed the same course. A spectacular spinnaker capsize by Roy Todd lost him some places, but he managed to fight back to second before the finish.


Fast handicap

1st Sydney Skiff (P. Bayliss, Steve Homewood, K. Willis

2nd Ever Decreasing Circles (Laser Vortex) Mike Beggs

3rd Septic 7 (RS700) Pete Barton

4th Forepeaks (29er) Lee Todd and Alex Newton

5th Loony (RS700) Nigel Wallbank

6th 921 (RS400) Giles Chipperfield

Medium handicap

1st Gandalf (Wayfarer) John Simms and Tony Christopher

2nd Moonraker (Wayfarer) R Todd and Graham Newton

3rd Bombacha (Wayfarer) P. Lynch and P. Bettonidge

4th Kittiwake (Wayfarer) P. Fulton