As the America’s Cup Jubilee draws to its thrilling conclusion, event the weather is holding its breath

The same ridge of high pressure mentioned in the two previous morning reports is still in situ, stretching from Biscay to Scandinavia. The effect of this is to fend off any incoming lows, leaving the south coast breathlessly variable.

At 0800 this morning, St Kat’s was swathed in fog and there was no more than a knot of breeze to stir the soup. Cowes was similarly cloaked. What little breeze there was came from the south-southeast and out towards Weymouth and Start Point, there was 6-10 knots from the same direction.

A series of very shallow lows is skimming the ridge of high pressure, passing over the Irish Sea mostly but some venturing as far south as the Bristol Channel. These could well bring some stability to the scene but the ACJ Race Committee won’t be banking on it.

Only those with a good series to defend will be heading out today and although they may enjoy the sun – it’s going to be another hot one – racing in the Solent in these conditions isn’t much fun. That said, the standard of racing at the top end of the fleet is quite simply without equal, the world’s best can, and probably will, make conditions look perfectly sailable.