Yves Le Blévec has won the 2007 Transat 6,50 Charente-Maritime/Bahia 24/10/07

Yves Le Blévec won the Transat 6,50 Charente-Maritime/Bahia (Mini Transat) when he crossed the finish line to a hero’s welcome in Bahia, Brazil at 17:52:02 local time yesterday.

Le Blévec, who was on the entry waiting list and was only granted permission to race just a few days leading up to the start, finished third on the first leg from La Rochelle to Madeira and has completed the 3,050-mile second leg of the course in just 17 days, 6 hours, 35 minutes and 2 seconds confirming him as overall winner of the event with an overall time of 23 days, 3 hours, 51 minutes and 24 seconds.

Sailing a new Lombard-designed prototype 6,50Actual,Le Blévec said he lost communications for the last six days so as far as positioning was concerned he was actually not 100 per cent sure he was the leading boat until he crossed the line.

An elated Le Blévec commenting as he stepped ashore for the first time in two and a half weeks said: “I am feeling incredible. Two years I have been living only for this project, a project which my Actual partner and myself dreamed of – crossing the line as a winner.”

Le Blévec admits he was under a lot of pressure after the first leg which was won by Isabelle Joschke with Sam Manuard in second. There was also Adrien Hardy and Ronan Deshayes to consider. “My aim was to go as fast as possible, without respite.” Added Le Blevec, “I did have a few moments of concern for my boat bearing in mind the fact I dismasted while crossing the equator in the last edition of the race, so I was pleased to have cleared the doldrums without problem.”

The next two boats – David Sineau (Bretagne Lapins) and Nick Brennan (Rafiki) are estimated to arrive later today.

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