Katrina Kelshall enjoys a spot of lay day fun during Angostura Tobago Sail Week

After two strenuous days at the helm at Angostura Tobago Sail Week, what better way to unwind then on a sun-soaked lagoon in the midst of a marine park in Tobago? No Mans Land is a spit of white sand surrounded by coral reefs and a pristine, blue, lagoon laced with mangroves. It was here amongst the palm trees and thatched huts that lay day events unfurled.

Lay Day in Tobago is a real family fiesta with all the crew and their kids joining in the fun. The red team tore off to a good start winning the chug shuffle which involved chugging beer accompanied by fistfuls of dry biscuits. Yellow team won the slip and slide, this game had something to do with plastic sheets, washing up liquid and lots of slippery soap suds. There were also hula hoop competitions, and at some stage I saw water balloons hurtling by in ‘It’s a Knock Out’ style.

Teams soon retreated to the shade of the palm trees with their booty – coolers of rum and beer, accompanied by tasty goat curry, gerra pork and roti. Of course by sunset, everyone was lolling in the surf which was lapping in time to the sweet soca music. Not a bad way to recharge the batteries in time for race three on Thursday.