Skandia Leopard is in and the Volvo 60, Team News Corp takes provisional sixth, eleven minutes ahead of the next Volvo 60, illbruck

Nearly two hours after Morning Glory crossed the line, and 23 hours after the 60-foot trimaran, Eure et Loir, Mike Slade’s Skandia Leopard slipped over the finish line to take provisional fifth. Not far behind Leopard, the pack of Volvo Ocean 60s closed on Plymouth. The last few miles of the race have been very tactical, with each boat working each wind shift and favourable knot of tide. More than once, News Corp lost the lead on her rivals, only to steal it back at the last minute and take an eleven-minute win over illbruck.

We’re still waiting for SEB and the first of the Open 60s to finish. At the last report, Amor-lux was leading the Open 60s, having passed Chabaud’s Whirlpool two hours ago. Their ETA, at their current progress of 8 knots in a 10-knot southerly, is about 1300. Information is vague, and reports on the positions of the rest of the fleet are inconclusive. At least the sun is burning off the fog so that the competitors and race officers can actually see the finish line.