New Laser makes a London debut

At this year’s London Boat Show, Laser unveiled its new dinghy for 2005, the Vago.

The two-man, 4.2m Vago has been developed and designed by former Olympic medallist Jo Richards. After two years in talks with Laser, the prototype took just a few months to build and test. The new boat is designed for any level and to suit a wide range of sailing conditions. The major advantage of this new design is that the rig can be upgraded as sailors progress without the need to buy a new boat, and she can also be sailed single handed.

While the design is stable enough for beginners, with the bigger rig, the boat can go faster than expected. Jo Richards explains:

“Although a designer shouldn’t really say this, I can’t quite understand how it is as fast as it is. The boat is very stable, but even I am surprised at how quick it can go.”

he Vago is Laser’s second roto-moulded boat. The Pico, also designed by Jo, is produced in the same way, although there have been various modifications in the process for the new design.

If you like to try before you buy, there will be Vagos available for demostration from July although Laser are yet to announce an official date. More than 10 Laser fans have already ordered and paid for the Vago without a demo when it made its debut at The Paris Boat Show in December. Production has not yet commenced, so depending on the popularity of the new model you could be in for a bit of a wait. We are reliably informed however, that once the mould for the boat is built, the hulls ill be produced quickly.

The basic set up with the small rig retails at $3,995 including VAT and the performance version is £4,495. For more details head for the Laser stand at the London Internations Boat Show at ExCel.