A total of 44 boats turned out for the Crewsaver Laser 4000 Grand Slam at Queen Mary SC on 18-19

A total of 44 boats arrived for the Crewsaver Laser 4000 Grand Slam at Queen Mary SC on 18-19 May expecting moderate winds and perhaps a bit of sunshine. In the end, there was a little less sun than was hoped for but a lot more wind than was expected.

At the end of the six-race series most competitors were a little bit tired but all were enthused by the close, exciting and competitive sailing. After race six no one was really sure what position they were in with five different race winners and probably as many potential winners if it wasn’t for one bad result each. Andrew Shorrock and Pippa Wheeler were eventual winners with 20 points. Never scoring higher than third but discarding an eighth proving that consistency was what counted in very shifty winds and short races. Luke McEwan and Emma Evans sailing Printware were runners up with 22 points and were only boat to win more than one race. Equal on points in third place were Derek Bretherton and Carole Lovesey third sailing ACS, improving on their recent poor form at previous events this year.

Chris Balding and Ben Dutton sailing KALIDO had also moved up a gear at this event to take fourth place. Enjoying the shifting strong winds they won the last race convincingly. Unsurprisingly, Hugh and Helen Watson still managed to stay in the top five. Charlie Thompson and Jane Wilkens in sixth place were the last boat in the prizes winning the third race.