Queen Mary Sailing Club was the venue for the final round of the Laser 4000 Grand Slam series on the 20-21 October

Queen Mary Sailing Club was the venue for the final round of the Laser 4000 Grand Slam series on the 20-21 October. A total of 45 boats made the start line for the first race in a light breeze which gradually died away to nothing by the finish. Winners were Derek Bretherton and Carole Lovesey.

The wind reappeared for the start of the second race, again held in a light breeze. Winners were Andy Shorrock/Paul Hammett but the second place was a surprise – ‘SP Systems’ with Emma Evans (driving) /Luke McEwen (at the front) demonstrating their versatility by swapping ends. The Saturday ended early after two races when the race officer correctly judged that the fleet would much prefer to watch Ireland defeat England at Rugby rather then drift around in virtually zero wind. Sunday dawned with more surprises. The forecast Force 4 failed to materialise but perhaps the biggest surprise was Andy Peters/Mike Dakins disqualification from the previous day’s races for being ‘IPD’d. (That’s illegally parked in the dinghy park). Racing was held in more wind than Saturday – gusts up to 10 knots with rain throughout the day. The race team did an excellent job to get four races in, judicious use of the black flag and well set start lines resulted in no general recalls. Andy Shorrock/Paul Hammett carried on from where they left off the day before and won the third race followed over the line by Paul Robinson and Fraser Hayden.

In race four Peter Barton/Simon Katchbull began to stamp their authority on the event with a fine win with Derek Bretherton/Carole Lovesey in second. Pete/Simon then went on to win both races five and six to win the event overall with Paul Robinson and Fraser Hayden picking up another second in race five to take third overall. Andy Shorrock/Paul Hammett picked up a second in race six to give them second overall.

Overall Results

1st Barton and Knatchbull, Team Control, 9pts

2nd Shorrocks and Hammett, 4436, 13pts

3rd Robinson and Hayden, 4266, 20pts

4th Bretherton and Lovesey, ACS, 26pts

5th Sanderson and Watson, 4457, 22pts

6th Matanand Wheeler, 4466, 34pts

7th Basten and Green, Hyder Consulting, 37pts