The Laser 2000 and Laser 3000 fleets returned to Langstone SC for the second round of the 2003 Crew Saver-sponsored Millennium Cup Series

The Laser 2000 and Laser 3000 fleets returned to Langstone SC last weekend for the second round of the 2003 Crew Saver-sponsored Millennium Cup Series. Previous events at Langstone had always enjoyed brilliant sunshine, but this year was different. The skies were grey and foreboding and winds forecast Force 4-6 from the west.

The first race began at noon just as soon as there was sufficient water to allow the 16 Laser 2000 and four Laser 3000 to safely leave the harbour. The race officer Barry Perkins decided to use the Olympic P course with the first mark to starboard. At the front of the fleet there was the usual close racing between regulars Skip and Zoe Atkins and Caroline and Trevor Bradley, added to by Mike Hart and Billy Butler from the Royal Hospital School. Caroline and Trevor led at the first mark but decided the reach was too close and dropped their geneker. Mike and Billy, and Skip and Zoe kept their genekers up but made little gain until the leeward mark when Skip who had gone down the left-hand side then led around the mark and remained in first place until the end. Unfortunately for Skip he had touched the first mark, leaving Mike and Billy to take the honours.

The second race saw the wind build and as the tide turned the wind over tide conditions resulted in standing waves providing challenging conditions. Mike and Billy led from start to finish with the fleet close behind. The wind eased a little for the third race of the day, which with back to back races provided a little respite for the weary fleet. Mike and Billy had a poor start and were unable to catch the leaders and it was eventually Skip and Zoe who led home in front of Caroline and Trevor.

With the first race on Sunday due to start at 1300 it was a worried crowd that looked out at the white horses in Langstone harbour. Eventually 12 Laser 2000s (with two reefed) and four Laser 3000s approached the start line in Force 5-6. Trevor and Caroline were early at the line and struggle to dip back behind in the heavy seas, they managed to recover and where close behind Skip and Zoe and Mike and Billy at the first mark. The race officer had changed the course to windward leeward, most of the fleet struggled to survive the downwind gybes in the choppy waves and strong winds. After three laps Skip and Zoe lead Mike and Billy to the finish line, but with seven boats capsized and wind building the race officer decided to cancel racing.

Overall Results

Laser 2000

1st Skip and Zoe Atkins – Stone SC

2nd Mike Hart and Billy Butler – Royal Hospital School

3rd Caroline and Trevor Bradley – Littelton SC

4th Helen and Andrew Philllips – Cardiff Bay Yacht Club

Laser 3000

1st Alice Brotchie and Jon Brooke – Royal Hospital School

2nd Tim Fillmore and Alex Fillmore – Draycot Water SC

3rd Chris Love and Simon Bird Royal Hospital School